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박진섭   E-mail : jinsubpark@hanyang.ac.kr

             Tel: 02-2220-2318 / R&D Center 301

​학생대표: 김도현 (spartasp@naver.com)


  • 2019. 12. 13(금) 10:00 ~ 12. 19(목) 17:00

    전기 일반대학원특별전형 석/박사과정 학생 모집(전자컴퓨터 통신공학과)

      (mail to : jinsubpark@hanyang.ac.kr)

- 차세대 반도체 소자 ( Memristor, 메모리 방열소재/소자)

- Sensors (광, 화학, 바이오 센서s) 

- 에너지 발생소자/장치 및 시뮬레이션

- 지원범위: 등록금 + 연구장려금, 해외학회/연수기회(연구성과자에 한함) 

#2019/12/10  학부연구생 이상대 군이 한국전력공사에 입사하게 되었습니다. 축하합니다.

#2019/10/31 Uijin's paper is accepted in ACS Sustain. Chem & Eng. Congrats!!

 정의진 군의 ZTO photodetector 관련 논문이 ACS에 최종 Accept 되었습니다. 축하합니다. !!

# CAll For Paper https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci/special_issues/GaN_Light_Emitting_Diodes

  Guest Editor : Prof. Jinsub Park.

#2019/09/29 Dr. Daya's paper was published in J. of Mat. Sci.:Elec. Mat. Congrats!!

#2019/09/27 ACSOL Group Hiking @Bukaksan!

#2019/09/10 Seunghwan visited to ACSOL. Happy and Thanks!!

# CAll For Paper https://www.mdpi.com/journal/applsci/special_issues/GaN_Light_Emitting_Diodes

  Guest Editor : Prof. Jinsub Park.


# 2019/08/21 Dong Su and T.G earned Ph.D. Degree. Congratulation!

#2019/08/08 Sang Chengwen joined the ACSOL as a graduate student. Welcome!!


#2019/07/24  Dong Su won the Best Ph.D Thesis Award, Congrats !! 

# 2019/06/12   Dong Su and T.G successfully finished the Ph.D Defense! Congratulations. 


# 2019/05/07 Dr. Babu Joined the ACSOL as a Post Doc. Welcome!

# 2019/04/25  Dr. Daya's paper was accepted in J. of Mat. Sci.:Elec. Mat. Congrats!!

#2091/03/01 Subin became a student president of Dep. Electronics & computer engineering.  Congrats! 

                  (March / 2019) 

#2019/02      Uijin earned a Master Degree. Congrats! (Feb 21/ 2019) 


#2019/02/15 Minwoo, Junhyuk, Jiyeon, Jisoo made impressive oral-presentation at the Korea Conference on Semiconductor 2019      ( 민우, 준혁, 지연, 지수가  2019 한국반도체 학술  대회에서 각자 연구 결과를 멋지게 구두 발표 했습니다. Good Job!!)

#2018/12/21  Yuexing and Dong Su won a prize for Best Poster Award in Nano Micro 2018 Conference.Congrats!!

                  축하합니다.!! 월성과 동수가 Nano Micro 2018 학회에서 포스터발표상을 각각 수상했습니다. 

#2018/10/23 Taeyoung and Dong Su's paper is accepted in S S&T (Oct. 23/2018). Congrats!

#2018/11/05 Hahnjoo and Dong Su's paper is Published in ACS Sustain. Chem & Eng. Congrats! 

#2018/09/01 Welcome! Dr. Daya and Z.P. Xian joined ACSOL 


- Our group's paper is published in ACS Sustain. Chem & Eng. Congratulations! ACSOLers ( July 19/2018)

-Welcome! Subin & Minwoo joined our group (March. 01/2018)

- Donguk and Hahnjoo got a Master Degree. Congratulations!! ( Feb. 24/2018)

-Congratulations !!  Hahnjoo won a prize for the "best graduate student awards" (Feb. 24/2018)

-Welcome! New ACSOLers : Junhyuk, Ji Soo, Ji Yeon joined our group ( March / 2018)

- Dong Su's paper is published in Appl. Surf. Sci. Congrats. Dongsu!! ( January / 2018)


















- 석박사과정학생모집
; Energy Harvesting
  LED, Sensors
  Perovskite, Advanced MEMORY
Mail to : 

   Open Positions for Future ACSOLers










                           Master/- Ph.D candidates for following research field.

                                            Energy Harvesting : Piezo Electronic Devices

                                            Graphenes: Optoelectronics and Electronic Devices

                                             QD. NRs Nanohybrid Compound Semiconductors

                                             Advanced Memory Devices (MEMRISTOR)

                                                                          2019년 9월 27일 @북악산

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